When You Know You're Ready

June 19, 2016

Knowing Vindo is ready has taken us a long time. It seems like just a month ago that Theodore and I were walking in the park, discussing how cool Wine is and lamenting the fact that there were no good free wrappers for it. I don’t remember who originally had the idea to code one from scratch (probably Theodore), but it was a good idea. This project has taken us waaaay farther than I thought it would, and it’s just kept getting bigger and bigger like a well-funded Kickstarter needing stretch goals. Well, now we’re done. I’m a bit sad that I haven’t been contributing more to this project, but as we all know, Theodore is the one who knows how to code. And me? Not so much. All the same, I feel slightly inadequate when I look at this finished, beautiful product and realize that the only thing I made was the file icon.

But we’re done. We’ve worked long and hard on this (mostly him) and I know that even if nobody uses it, it will still be something we’ve learned from and something both of us can put on our resumes. ;)

So, without further ado, I’d like to announce that Vindo 1.0 is coming to your computer very, very soon.

Good night, and good luck.