Run Windows programs. On Mac.

Run tons of cool Windows programs and games — with just a double-click.


Play Windows-only games, browse the Steam store, and even use the Steam in-game overlay.

…and more…

Crysis Warhead Works Perfectly

The entire game works perfectly. Multiplayer was not tested.

Crysis Mostly Works

The entire game works almost flawlessly, but mods don’t seem to load at all. Multiplayer was not tested.

Depth Mostly Works

A great multiplayer indie game. Both local and online gameplay work, but there are occasional graphical artifacts and low framerates.

GWX Control Panel Mostly Works

It runs, but since Vindo is not Windows 7 or 8.1, it reports that Get Windows 10 is not installed and doesn’t do much more. I used it to test the Vindo start menu.

Portal 2 Works Perfectly

There’s nothing that I could find in this game that doesn’t work on Vindo. Since this is a Source engine game, this is probably also true for all other Source engine games.

Portal Works Perfectly

I played through the entire game, and it all works flawlessly. All Source engine games seem to work perfectly.

Steam Works Perfectly

You can play games, browse the Steam store, and even use the Steam in-game overlay. The only thing that doesn’t work is big picture mode, because it requires DirectX 10 and the latest version Vindo supports is DirectX 9.

No results. 🙁

How it Works

VM Software

Windows Programs
Virtual Machine
Your Computer

Programs like VMWare or Parallels create a virtual computer inside your real computer, with virtual memory, processor, hard drive, etc. You can then install Windows on the virtual computer and run your Windows programs on that.


Windows Programs
Your Computer

Vindo uses your computer's real memory, processor, hard drive, etc. instead of creating virtual versions. This makes Vindo much faster than virtual machine software. Programs generally run at the same speed as they would if you installed Windows on your computer.

Obligatory Checkbox Matrix

Vindo Wine VMWare CrossOver
One-Click Setup
Install Programs with One Click
Cost Free Free $79.99 + $119.99 (copy of windows) $59.99
Open Source Who cares? Who cares?

What are you waiting for?


About Us

Theodore Dubois

Theodore Dubois Programmer, Web Designer, Pilot

Ok, I'm not really a pilot. That picture is from when I was 8, and I had a chance to see what it's like to sit in the pilot's seat. If you want to know, there's so many buttons and switches there that it's hard to imagine how anyone is able to fly a plane.

I decided to write Vindo because I feel that being able to run Windows programs on your Mac should be a Fundamental Right of Mac Owners. There are several different ways you can do this, but most of them cost money, and Wine is frankly unusable. I feel that Vindo is the best of both worlds: both free and usable.

Joseph Amir

Joseph Amir Marketing, Testing, Visual Effects/YouTube Management

Joseph Amir is the content manager for the website and the idea guy for some other stuff. Joseph also played through Crysis Warhead under the guise of bugtesting Vindo. He loves to play videogames and do VFX work on the computer, with destruction simulation being his favorite (he is a male, after all.) Some of his favorite franchises include DiRT, the Batman Arkham series, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and the best thing you could do for him is gift him either Mirrors Edge Catalyst or Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.